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Floornature – Main Office designs a house surrounded by the tropical landscape of Mexico

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Immersed in the luxuriant tropical vegetation, Casa LT is a recent expansion and renovation project by Main Office, the studio run by architects Dante Borgo and Isabella Eriksson.

“Every project is special and represents a challenge, so we like to go beyond standard solutions and come up with new types,” say architects Dante Borgo and Isabella Eriksson, founders of Main Office, of their approach to new design “challenges”. This is the spirit in which they approached CASA LT, a housing development consisting of three small buildings surrounded by luxuriant tropical vegetation in Sayulita, on Mexico’s western coast. The village has two other buildings designed by Main Office: Casa Galeria, a new housing development which quickly became a landmark for the town; and Casa Reavis, a private residence, currently under construction.

The village of Sayulita is about 40 km north of the center of Puerto Vallarta. The Mexican government has called this small village of about 5000 souls a “magical town” because of its multicultural diversity. The village has been popular with surfers since the ’60s when it became famous because of the 1964 film The Night of the Iguana starring Ava Gardner, Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor.
On the waterfront in a location offering breath-taking views over the Pacific Ocean stands CASA LT, a residential development that blends harmoniously with the steep and articulated topography of the site, characterized by luxuriant vegetation including palm trees, almond trees and ferns. Greenery also plays a key role in Main Office’s project, defining both indoor and outdoor spaces, so that the housing complex is thoroughly integrated into the tranquil tropical landscape of the site.

Project name: CASA LT
Location: Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico
Architect: MAIN OFFICE (Sima Agisheva, Dante Borgo, Isabella Eriksson)
Project team: Pablo Alemán, Montserrat Bucio, Brenda Cibrian, Rodrigo de la Torre, Luis Gordian, Manuel Guerrero
Design phase: September 2016 – January 2017
Construction phase: February 2017 – July 2018
GFA: 175 sqm, 219 sqm (renovation)
Contractor: Terraza Construcciones, Sayulita (Mexico)
Furniture design: MAIN OFFICE
Photography: © Rafael Gamo

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