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Yellowtrace – Kafé Magasinet by Main Office, Gothenburg, Sweden

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In 2013, Gothenburg restaurant operator Avenyfamiljen acquired two buildings on Tredje Långgatan. The intention was to change their function from an auction house into three restaurants, exhibition areas and corporate HQ, as well as a wine bar, a beer café, Kafe Magasinet, a food truck, 200sqm rooftop farming and an organic bakery. This makes Auktionsverket Kulturarena the most varied public commercial project in Gothenburg for a long time.

Kafe Magasinet is located in the the older building, which was originally used as warehouse since the 19th century. The building is well known, of historical interest and of a protected status, designed by Carl Fahlström. It was built in classicist style, with medieval touches and symmetrical organisation. The building, finished in 1892, is claimed to be the world’s oldest building that was intended for auction operation.

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