Wallpaper article by David Paw about when Main Office designed Made In China

Wallpaper – Auktionsverket Cultral Centre & Restaurants, Gothenburg

Wallpaper article by David Paw

Gothenburg is shedding its industrial past and embracing a new identity as a city of art and creative thought. The central areas of Haga and Langatan have led the way with a wave of independent cafes and shops sitting a stone’s throw from the harbor where the city’s shipbuilding heart was located. Here, architect Axel Robach has transformed a storied auction house into a complex of eateries, exhibition areas and business headquarters on behalf of leading Swedish restaurant group Avenyfamiljen. The project’s interior design meanwhile, comes courtesy of Isabella Eriksson, co-founder of local firm Main Office. The classicist design of the protected 19th-century building has been remodeled into an exhibition space with vaulted ceilings, while a former warehouse has been transformed into a wine bar and delicatessen clad in white tiling and a raw palette of stained oak, marble and zinc. The global appetite for Chinese dim sum is also well attended to with a generous restaurant clad in concrete, dark grey lime plaster and furniture fashioned from oak and raw steel.

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