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Sayulita Life – Meet Main Office’s Dante and Isabella – World-Renowned Architectural Designers

Article from Sayulita Life – Written by Inge Poell

Being an architectural enthusiast, I am more than excited to meet Dante Borgo and Isabella Eriksson, founders of the international architecture studio Main Office. Dante and Isabella are both top-notch architects with solid knowledge from the largest agencies. They have been involved in and developed several projects around the world, and now have two offices, one located in Sweden, and one in Guadalajara. What is the driving force behind their success story, and what are their (architectural) plans for the future, or here in Sayulita?

“I think right now Mexican Architecture is going through a sort of Renaissance. There are many young firms out there doing super interesting things, and globally Mexico is now recognized for this new wave of architecture. Then of course you have Luis Barragan, the greatest Mexican architect of all time and Pritzker award winner.”

You both come from different parts of the world. How have your backgrounds and upbringings played a role in your work today?

Isabella is Swedish. I am Mexican, and my wife, Sima Agisheva, who is also an architect and runs the Mexican office with me, is Russian. We all met while living and working in Rotterdam. So yeah, you can say our office is a complete melting pot, but somehow, that contributes in a positive way when we do architecture. I think that our different backgrounds complement each other perfectly. Multiculturalism can only make things better in any field.

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