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made in china‘ by Main Office is a dim sum restaurant in Gothenburg with the focus on enjoying oriental flavors without the formality of fine dining. located in an area historically known as the home of the cityʼs labor movement, the establishment is hosted in a property going through a transformation in which 4000m² are being restored and adapted by the architect.

rather than designing a typical Chinese restaurant exterior adorned with tracery and ornamentation, Isabella Eriksson (co-founder of the firm) decided to place the emphasis on an industrial atmosphere. with itʼs raw, clean, and minimal selection of materials, the walls are all clad with grey cladding (lime plaster) and the existing structure is kept in its original state, only painted in a darker shade. space is oriented towards the street, with an upgraded façade perforated by window frames that continue the color palette. a wall dividing the previous delivery gate and warehouse has been torn down, exploiting the construction.

the layout is simple. long tables with benches formed different constellations as the U-shaped bar gives visitors an open visual connection to the kitchen and the preparation of food. resembling other Asian restaurants and their functions, an arrangement with seating around a circular table is below a large lamp. All the furnitures are made out of massive oak and dark steel. as an exception to the walls, Eriksson created a large scale painting facing the street. it resembles old-school posters from the Chinese revolution, but with a Gothenburg motif from the same era featuring the shipyard and its craftsmen.

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