March Snackness Unites Industry Dive in a Time of Madness

My favorite thing to do is treating trivial matters like they are of immense importance. Thankfully, my colleagues at Industry Dive seem to enjoy the same thing (as evidenced by the extreme competitiveness of the fall Chili Cook Off, Annual Pie Competition, and even a Guac n Roll: Guac Off). But such feats of food face-offs require being…face-to-face. Thus was a born a silly idea I had to bring us all together during our self-quarantine.

After briefly suggesting the concept to a few coworkers while we were still in the office, I bracketed 64 different food items into four regions: Fast Food, Candy, Comfort Food, and Beverages. I named the bracket “March Snackness.” and shared it with my coworkers, hoping to bring some levity to our confinement. 

Levity resulted at first, before it transitioned to outrage at my seeding, region choices and others taste, or lack thereof. There was also confusion over why certain items made it into the bracket and others were left out (I will be apologizing for the absence of Mac and Cheese for the rest of my life).